Hey! My name is Katie and I'm the creator of the BeSpoken Campaign. I designed this project as a method of raising awareness on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. Many women are effected by this on a global scale but these topics have been silenced through channels of the media, the judicial system, schools and even the home setting. As survivors, we are told to be mindful of our surroundings, watch what we wear, how we act and who we confide in about these problems as we are a statistic in society. While the un-violated portion of the population listening to the tragic re-telling of events is conditioned to question the truth and accuracy of a victim's recount. 

Both of these factors make it very difficult to come forward, creating a perpetual cycle in being unable to reach out to others and receive the help and knowledge we need.

Having seen both sides as spectator and survivor, I am determined to come forward, encourage all women to speak up and share. Whether it's a re-count of your story, offering advice/guidance to other people or asking questions- the goal of this project is to get the conversation started and stand together to create a future we all deserve.  

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love and rockets--